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Kaiser Permanente – Newsletter Oakland Medical Center

How can we be certain service changes are making a difference?

One way to measure our progress is to ask our staff and members how we’re doing.The Radiology Department is the first department at the Oakland Medical Center to use Opinionmeter. Radiology uses the Opinionmeter to survey staff and members about satisfaction and customer service. “I’m wild about it” says John Maio, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging. “Opinionmeter is a positive tool to help reinforce positive behavior and motivate change”.

“Opinionmeter helps us set and achieve our customer service goals,” says Maio. Instead of using Opinionmeter as a tool to identify shortfalls, Maio uses Opinionmeter as an accountability tool supporting the goals of the ASE training. He tells his staff the questions in advance, giving them time to prepare and the opportunity to succeed.

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