Interactive Opinion Polling Device

Provides Instant On-Site Customer Feedback

(Oakland, CA–July 24, 1997) -Opinionmeter, Inc. has developed an interactive data collection device designed to quickly and efficiently collect and analyze on-site customer satisfaction feedback. No more paper surveys or data entry – the Opinionmeter instantly tabulates responses and provides immediate access to survey results.

For those with access to the Internet, visit the Opinionmeter web site at and discover how easy it is to capture spontaneous point of sale customer feedback.

When placed in a high traffic business lobby, customers interact with the freestanding battery operated machine to self-administer their own surveys, anonymously. The Opinionmeter takes advantage of customer’s waiting time and also captures their feedback while their opinions are still fresh. In addition, on-site surveying sends a powerful message about a company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The Opinionmeter has also been proven to be a successful method for surveying employees in a highly confidential manner.

The Opinionmeter enables clients to improve the quality of research while keeping costs low. Because the Opinionmeter’s ease-of-use and efficiency, companies are able to survey more people in more locations more often than with any other interviewing technique. Larger sample sizes and higher frequency offers more confidence in the data collected and tangible support for management decisions.

The Opinionmeter operates on rechargeable batteries (6-week battery life between charges) and offers access for infrared hardcopy printing and serial cable data transfer to your PC. Full cross tabulations, and date/time bracketing is available, and results can be directly converted into charts and tables for graphic reporting.

With Licensees already at work in most parts of the world, Opinionmeter, Inc. is now actively seeking Licensees for major cities across America.

P.O. Box 10126, Oakland, CA 94610

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