Instant, On-Site Customer Feedback


Berkeley, February 5, 1996. It is our pleasure to introduce the Opinionmeter, the instant on-site polling machine. The Opinionmeter is a unique management tool specifically designed to provide instant customer satisfaction feedback at point of service. Both stand-supported and a hand-held models are available.

When placed on a stand adjacent a queue line or used as a desktop unit, customers will interact with the battery operated machine and self administer their own surveys, anonymously. Their spontaneous feedback and demographics go directly into the computer inside the machine. Results can be accessed with the touch of a button and customized questionnaires can be changed in minutes.
It operates on rechargeable batteries and offers access for infrared hard copy printing and for serial cable data transfer to your PC. Full cross tabulations, and date/time bracketing is available, and results can be directly converted into charts and tables for graphic reporting.

Being lightweight and battery-operated the Opinionmeter is the ultimate portable solution to instant customer satisfaction feedback. Because of this and its many applications, it is a very useful marketing management tool

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