Contra Costa County Health Services

Contra Costa County Health Services: 12/1/2003

Patient Satisfaction (now being measured by an electronic point-of-service device called “Opinionmeter”).

Patient satisfaction is measured to continually monitor our patients’ perception about the care they receive at our health centers. In past years, patients from each site were asked to complete a survey of 37 questions rating their satisfaction with access to provider, nurse & appointments, telephone and registration hold times, cleanliness of sites, courtesy of staff, etc.

This year, a new survey system called the “Opinionmeter” acts as an electronic point-of-service device, which simplifies data collection, streamlines the reporting process and responds to patient complaints that our manual questionnaires were too long and tedious to fill out. This new system (presented in English and Spanish) is very easy to use and received very positive feedback.

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