Advocate HealthCare – Trinity Hospital

Advocate HealthCare – Trinity Hospital – September 2001

What’s your Opinion
September, 2001

Trinity Hospital has taken a good idea—the suggestion box—and made it even better. The new electronic “opinionmeters” that have recently popped up around the hospital allow patients, their families and even staff to provide fast feedback to administrative personnel on the hospital’s day-to-day operations.

Now with just the touch of a button, you can answer a few questions and register your opinion—whether it’s to compliment a helpful nurse or voice a concern.

Managers retrieve the opinionmeter information and pass along positive feedback or take appropriate action to resolve complaints. “Trinity Hospital hopes this fast feedback tool will heighten staff accountability, reinforce positive behavior, motivate change when needed and result in improved service to each and every patient,” says Donna King, vice president of operations and chief nurse executive.

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