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November, 2014 Newsletter

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Scheduling Online Surveys: see how the new survey scheduler helps deliver your email invites for online survey distribution.

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Using Hidden Parameters:
Check out the enhanced hidden parameter capabilities in the video below. Now you can import your customer list and include up to 5 hidden parameters to include within your online survey.

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Author Once, Distribute Anywhere:  Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing a major improvement to the create survey wizard within the SurveyManager. The change will allow you to create and distribute a single survey to multiple modalities all in one go. Currently you need to copy a survey and distribute it separately to each individual modality (mobile, kiosk, online, paper, etc.). This too will simplify reporting on surveys distributed to multiple modalities.
Advanced Dashboard Integration:  
We are integrating Dundas Dashboard into the SurveyManager to provide BI level sophistication and flexibility for organizations who wish to have enterprise-wide reporting flexibility with roll-up, drill-down functionality. Dashboards will be available online with real-time data feeds, but also have the ability to be shared by exporting or through social media.
Pagination for Survey apps (mobile devices): much like we have with our online and HTML5 surveys, you will now have the ability to add page breaks for device-based surveys as well. If you wish, you can have all questions on one screen or include page breaks wherever you wish.

Opinionmeter Newsletter
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November, 2014
Welcome to our latest Newsletter! Here you'll find updates on the latest feature enhancements along with a preview of what we're currently working! Be sure to check out the 'Available Downloads' section in the left column.

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SurveyManager Enhancements

Merging Hidden Parameters within your Online Surveys: Now you can import hidden parameters along with your contact lists and schedule the survey for delivery. You can also insert the parameters within your invitation email! Check out the video!


Scheduling Online Surveys: We've added a scheduler to help automate the delivery of your online surveys through invitation emails. Check out the video!


Editing Live Surveys: Now you can edit the response layout option for survey questions after the survey has been distributed and is live. For example, you can now change from buttons to sliders or drop-down layouts.

TouchPoint Mobile App Updates

Use Location Services to Identify your Survey's Location: Now you can include a location search feature for users to select their current location (using location services and GPS) or display a map for respondent to select locations near them.
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iOS 8 Compatible: We're pleased to report that our TouchPoint Survey app for iOS is fully compatible with Apple's latest operating system upgrade!

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on these latest enhancements along with any ideas you may have for future enhancements. 
Morgan Strickland, CEO
Opinionmeter International


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