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June, 2011 Newsletter

News and Updates! News and Updates!
Opinionmeter Newsletter
News and Updates for OMI Partners!
June, 2011
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This newsletter is intended to keep you up to date with the latest Opinionmeter news. In this issue, you'll find new product and feature announcements and a look under the hood at what the Opinionmeter team is currently working on!

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It's our pleasure to welcome two new licensees to the Opinionmeter network. Netaki Arastrima Danismanlik Ltd from Turkey and Adapt Middle East from the United Arab Emirates. When you have a moment, please be sure send a hello their way and introduce yourselves.

Turkey: Netaki Arastrima Danismanlik Ltd
Alp Yener

UAE: Adapt Middle East
Jiju Antony
Enhancement Overview - These past few months, we've been busy implementing many of your great suggestions for enhancing the SurveyManager. Click here for a complete list of the major enhancements we've implemented over the past 120 days.

New API now available - In addition to our existing Device API, we have added a new data exchange API for transferring data between web-based servers. This API will provide batch or real-time data exchange from the SurveyManager to any web-based database. This is helpful for those customers who wish to manage the real-time flow of survey data within their own reporting engine on their own server.

Deep Links! - This new feature allows you to generate a URL linking to saved reports within your SurveyManager account. This is helpful if you want to share your web-based reports to customers, suppliers, vendors, but don't want to given them access to your SurveyManager account. The deep links are restricted to view only the reports you provide access to. In essence, this feature allows access to reports within your SurveyManager account; however the user cannot navigate anywhere else within your account but only view that report.

SPSS (.SAV) - we have enhanced the SPSS raw data export function to include all question and response variables within the .sav file for seamless integration within SPSS.

Question/ Answer Libraries - We have included "Add to Library" buttons in the Create Survey screen so that you can now add new questions and response scales to your library on the fly while creating your surveys.

Improved User Management - We have increased the ease of sorting through sub-accounts within an Enterprise account by adding the "Account" dropdown within all applicable screens including survey, reporting and device management modules. You can also now search for surveys by "SurveyID"!
We made many improvements to the Online Survey module. Each of the following features can be found in Step 3 of wizard ("Optional Features").
  • Progress bar or Counter- just as we have within our device apps, we now also have the option to use a progress bar or question counter ("Question 1 of 10") for online survey navigation. Remember, the progress bar will only be available when you have a multiple page survey!
  • Customize your Navigation buttons - Now you can customize the navigation button colors and label text within your Online surveys (e.g. "Back", "Next", "Close", "Submit" buttons).
  • Question Numbering - Now you can turn On/Off Question numbering for your online surveys!
  • Survey Navigation - We have added the option of including a "Back" button within the Online survey, to allow respondents to review their responses. By default this is turned off.
  • URL Redirects - Now you have the option of redirecting respondents to a URL of your choice at the conclusion of the survey.
TouchPoint Mobile for Business 2.0 (B2B) Recent App enhancements include the following: (Click here to view a complete list of feature enhancements)
  • Randomization - You now can randomize response ordering within Multiple choice and Choose all that apply question types
  • Resume - If your survey is interrupted by an incoming phone call or text message or if you would like to resume a survey at a later time, you can! When reopening the app, you will return to where you left off in the survey and a prompt will ask if you wish to continue taking the survey.
  • Additional Matrix question types have been added including: open-ended, single response, choose all that apply with response options including: slider, picker wheel and button.
  • Sound and Video recording time limits - we have added the ability to adjust the time limit for the sound and video recording. This now can be adjusted within the Admin Console (up to 90 seconds).
  • We have also included multimedia capabilities within the survey as well as digital signage option for iPad kiosk application.
TouchPoint Shopper app for Consumers and Panels - The first version of the TouchPoint Mobile App was geared toward businesses wanting to deploy private surveys to devices within specific SurveyManager accounts. The TouchPoint Shopper app provides consumers and panelists with a great way to participate in surveys within their merchant or panel community. Unlike private surveys belonging to a specific account, these surveys are public in nature and can be completed by anyone using any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Unlike the B2B app that only allows users to pull surveys assigned to their devices, the TP Shopper app allows surveys to be pushed or pulled to their devices (see below for details). Click here to download the TouchPoint Shopper user manual.

TouchPoint Shopper can Pull surveys in Three ways!
  1. Use the "Find Surveys Around Me" button to search for public surveys within a distance radius and results are displayed as waypoints within Google maps. Each waypoint then becomes a button you can select for more information about a business, prior to downloading the survey.
  2. Search for a "Business Name" - when consumers input a business name the app will search the SurveyManager for any public surveys of that name within the distance radius chosen.
  3. Search by "Survey ID" - for real-time in store surveys, merchants can place a Survey Code (SurveyID) on a receipt or POS signage for the consumer to input and download the survey in real-time while they are at the Point-of-Experience (POS).

Push Notifications - In addition to the various ways the TouchPoint Shopper app can pull surveys, it can also push them. For consumers to receive pushed surveys, they must opt-into receiving survey invitations directly to their phones (Push Notifications). Consumers will only receive pushed surveys from those SurveyManager accounts (businesses) in which they have already completed surveys. Additionally, we have added a feature in the Online Survey Address Book which allows the sorting of mobile app users who have opted-into receiving push notifications. By sorting this way, you can distribute email survey invites by email as well as by push notification to those mobile users who have opted-into the service.

iPad Kiosk Enclosure - We are currently working on finalizing our iPad Kiosk design. We are planning three configurations for mounting the iPad: Stand, Wall and Table-top. With easy access, you can insert and secure the iPad within the enclosure as well as easily remove it for use as a mobile survey solution.
iPad Survey App
Check for Updates - Be sure to periodically do a 'Check for Update' on your Windows and iOS devices to ensure you have the latest application updates. Current Windows App release is 2.0.89 and the most recent iOS release is 06.04.2011

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on these latest enhancements along with any ideas you may have for future enhancements. Opinionmeter is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for capturing real-time customer feedback, whenever and wherever the customer experience occurs!

Best wishes,

Morgan Strickland, CEO
Opinionmeter International

phone: 888-OPMETER

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