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January, 2014 Newsletter

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Cross Platform Survey Platform
This video demonstrates Opinionmeter's cross-platform survey solution supporting multiple modalities from offline survey apps to mobile-web to PC browser interfaces. Now you can maintain the same branding consistency across multiple platforms and modalities.
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Audience Feedback application

Check out this brief video demonstrating how the new HTML5 mobile web solution is a perfect fit for capturing real-time audience feedback!

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Using Push Notifications to distribute surveys! This Opinionmeter demo shows how you can distribute your mobile customer surveys through push notifications. You can either send push notifications in real-time or schedule the push notifications on a regular frequency in the future.

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Featured Case Study
WE Fashion Europe
For those of you who don't speak Dutch, click here for an English translation
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HTML5 PC and Mobile Web surveys: the new HTML5 web survey has already been released for the mobile-web (surveys on mobile browsers) and we are within a few weeks of releasing the HTML5 web survey option for PC browsers. Check out the video!
Pixel perfect previews: Using the latest HTML5 formatting, device-based survey previews will appear exactly as they do on the device. Keep in mind, you also have the option of downloading the survey in ‘preview mode’ to your device if you choose.


Contextual response lists: Let’s say you have questions whose responses are sub-sets of each other, and you want the responses within each sub-question to filter dynamically based on how the previous questions are answered. For example, let’s say your first question is “In which state do you reside?” and your next question asks “In which County do you reside?” and the next sub-question asks “In which City do you reside?” Once California is selected in Q1, then only the Counties within California will become available in Q2, and once Alameda is selected in Q2, only those cities within Alameda County will appear in Q3, etc.


Improving Skin & Theme controls: we plan to provide many additional controls for customizing your survey skins and themes. Among these new controls will include text alignment, button background highlight color controls, granular button placement, column width controls for Matrix questions and even the ability to have different skin layouts for each individual question in a single survey.

Opinionmeter Newsletter
News and Updates from OMi
January, 2014
Message from Morgan Strickland
Welcome to our quarterly Newsletter! This is intended to keep you up to date with the latest OMi news. In this issue, you'll find new product and feature announcements and a look under the hood at what the Opinionmeter team is currently working on!

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SurveyManager Enhancements

Advanced Branching: With advanced branching you can set multiple conditions and rules to determine your survey’s branching logic and skip patterns. Check out the video!

Piping: Piping inserts text blocks from previous survey question responses into subsequent questions or response scales. Check out the video!


YouTube video streaming:  we have improved the YouTube video plugin within the html editor which can be used within the Information Page question type as well as the Intro and Thank you pages of the survey. Check out the video!


Question Logo On feature: Now you can control whether the logo appears atop each question screen, or only on the Intro & Thank you pages. Tip: this feature allows you to maximize the question and response areas on the screen and avoid scrolling.


Control whether surveys can be answered more than once with the “Multiple Response” feature: the default position for this feature is ON, allowing users to answer the survey more than once, when turned off users will only be allowed to answer the survey once.

More enhancement news...

TouchPoint Mobile App Updates

New “Maximum Response Allowed” feature: with the Choose All that Apply question type, you can now set a limit to number of response options a respondent may select.  Check out the video!


Question Logo On feature: Now you can control whether the logo appears atop each question screen, or only on the Intro & Thank you pages. Tip: this feature allows you to maximize the question and response areas on the screen and avoid scrolling.


Password Protection for survey distribution: Now you can require a password to “unlock” the survey you distribute. This is available whether you are distributing your survey by push notification or pulling the survey from the server to the device.




TouchPoint Survey App for Windows 8: We are currently porting our TouchPoint survey app to Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform. Beta release is scheduled for late February, 2013. The TouchPoint survey app for Windows 8 will run on Windows tablets and Windows desktop PC’s.


More enhancement news...

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on these latest enhancements along with any ideas you may have for future enhancements. Opinionmeter is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for capturing real-time customer feedback, whenever and wherever the customer experience occurs!
Morgan Strickland, CEO
Opinionmeter International

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