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August, 2014 Newsletter

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New Skin Formatting Controls for Branding your Surveys! 
This video demonstrates the new skin controls recently added to the SurveyManager that allow you to control additional formatting when branding your surveys, whether they be online, offline or device-based surveys.

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New TouchPoint Mobile App features:   
Check out all the new media capabilities included within the latest TouchPoint survey app. You can now review completed surveys directly on the device before uploading. Not only that, but you can even edit them on the device too!
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HTML5 Mobile-Web Surveys:
We've completely updated our online survey tool with the latest HTML5 capabilities and intuitive interface optimized specifically for mobile screens.
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Charlotte Radiology 
Healthcare Case
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Pagination for Survey apps (mobile devices): much like we have with our online and HTML5 surveys, you will now have the ability to add page breaks for device-based surveys as well. If you wish, you can have all questions on one screen or include page breaks wherever you wish.

Advanced Dashboard Integration: 
We are working on integrating advanced BI dashboard capabilities into the SurveyManager. This will provide BI level sophistication and flexibility for organizations who wish to have enterprise-wide reporting flexibility with roll-up, drill-down functionality. Dashboards will be available online with real-time data feeds, but also have the ability to be shared via social media or exported to CSV, Excel, PPT or PDF.

Opinionmeter Newsletter
News and Updates from OMi
August, 2014
Welcome to our latest Newsletter! Here you'll find updates on the latest feature enhancements along with a preview of what we're currently working! Be sure to check out the 'Available Downloads' section in the left column.

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SurveyManager Enhancements

HTML5 PC and Mobile Web surveys: the new HTML5 web survey has been released for both the mobile-web (rendering on mobile browsers) as well as for PC browsers. Check out the video!


Additional Skin Formatting Controls: 
We've provided many new controls for customizing your survey skins and themes. The new controls include text alignment, button background highlight color controls, granular button placement, and column width controls for Matrix questions. Check out the video!


Pixel perfect previews: Using the latest HTML5 formatting, device-based survey previews now appear exactly as they do on the device. Keep in mind, you also have the option of downloading the survey in ‘preview mode’ to your device if you choose.  Check out some previews!

New GAP Analysis Question Type: This advanced question type allows you to compare two attributes and measure actual performance compared to the desired performance. Check out the video!


Delivering Satisfaction Alerts via SMS:  You can now deliver your real-time satisfaction alerts by SMS, using a TinyURL. this ensures compact messaging, yet when clicking on the URL you are provided access to all the alert details within the SurveyManager.

TouchPoint Mobile App Updates

More Media Capture options Available:

Now you can capture more than one image, video or sound recording within each open-ended question. The SurveyManager allows you to set a limit of up to 5 media captures per question. You can also input text as well as media within the same open-ended question. Check out the video!


Include Media from the Camera Roll: In addition to capturing fresh media, you can now import media saved within the device’s media library and upload with the survey!


Previewing Survey Results on the Device: The latest survey app now allows you to review completed surveys on the device prior to uploading to the web server. Note: you must enable this feature within the SurveyManager for it to be available on the device. Check out the video!


Use Location Services to Identify your Survey's Location: Now you can include a location search feature for users to select their current location (using location services and GPS) or display a map for respondent to select locations near them.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on these latest enhancements along with any ideas you may have for future enhancements. Opinionmeter is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for capturing real-time customer feedback, whenever and wherever the customer experience occurs!
Morgan Strickland, CEO
Opinionmeter International

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