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April, 2013 Newsletter

Opinionmeter Newsletter
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April, 2013

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This newsletter is intended to keep you up to date with the latest Opinionmeter news. In this issue, you'll find new product and feature announcements and a look under the hood at what the Opinionmeter team is currently working on!

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Featured Case Study - MetLife
Check out the latest case study from our partners in Mexico. This case study discusses how the largest insurance company in Mexico (MetLife) has turned to Opinionmeter to satisfy their Voice of the customer (VOC) initiative. They've successfully migrated from paper to iPads and are loving it! 


Hot Tip! How to lock the TouchPoint app on your iPad
Check out our recent blog post to learn how to lock your Apple (iOS) device so a respondent cannot exit the survey application: "Using the Guided Access feature to lock your iPad Survey app!" This is especially useful when using your iPad in kiosk-mode or as a mobile intercept device (when handing the iPad itself to a customer to complete the survey). 


SurveyManager Enhancements 

Here's a few of the latest SurveyManager enhancements: (for a complete list please see the Latest Enhancement List document).
  • Accounts no longer expire! In an effort to simplify the system, commercial accounts will no longer expire. Only the survey licenses within accounts will expire according to their subscription terms.   
  • New Help Desk: We've revamped our Help Desk using the Desk.com platform. The new help desk provides additional methods for getting help fast, including asking questions from the Opinionmeter community. This new Help Desk also supports Live Chat and email attachments. If you wish, you can create your own account and view the history of only your support requests. See the following Help Desk overview document for more information.
  • Question Mapping for Importing Raw Data: A new Raw Data import feature called "Question Mapping Import" has been added to the Reports/Raw Data module. This feature allows you to import data files from any other system into the SurveyManager and take advantage of our reporting engine. 
  • New CSV format for exporting raw data: When exporting Raw Data you now have the option to export to CSV format - which now includes additional device & location meta details.
  • Schedule your Raw Data exports! Just like scheduling reports to be automatically delivered, you now can also schedule delivery of your Raw Data (either in CSV or Excel formats). We are also including more controls within the scheduler to allow for time differences as well as delivery on week-days only or first of the month, etc.
  • Download your Media! You now have more options for accessing media captured during surveys (images, video, sound files):
    • When exporting to Excel or CSV the media URL's are now active within the documents 
    • Bulk download - if you wish to download all media files all at once for a particular survey, you can do that from under the Reports/Raw Data sidebar menu

TouchPoint Mobile App enhancements (Apple & Android) 

Here's a few of the latest enhancements we've made to the TouchPoint Mobile App: (for a complete list check out the Latest Enhancement List document).
  • New Signature Capture Question option - we've included an option within the Open-Ended Question to capture digital signatures. When creating an Open-Ended Question, you'll now see a "Signature Capture" check box. When enabling this option, the comment field in the app becomes a capture field for drawing your signature with you finger. 
  • Auto-Next: this popular new feature allows your closed-ended questions to automatically advance to the next question without having to first press the "Next" button.
  • Camera Resolution Controls: Improved resolution for images captured during the survey - We added an image resolution control (Low, Medium, High) in the Admin Console->Settings->Device Info screen
  • Media Capture Previews: When capturing media within your survey (images, video, voice recording), the app will provide you with a thumbnail preview to confirm the capture.   
  • More Control Button Colors: You now can control the background color for the circular buttons that appear in the Matrix (grid) Questions. These buttons now follow whatever color you select for the response button color within your skin template.   
  • Improved touch sensitivity: several releases ago, we made improvements to the touch sensitivity of the app when running on the iPad device. So we recommend checking the App Store on your device to be sure you're running the latest release! 
  • Cross-Platform Code Migration: We have completed the move of our Apple (iOS) TouchPoint Mobile app from native code to a cross-platform code base. This enables us to maintain a single code-base across all device platforms. We've started with Apple (iOS) and Android and are now looking at Windows 8 Phone as the possibly the next platform to extend our cross-platform strategy. 

Under the Hood: What we're currently working on! 

  • Advanced Branching - (completion date approximately 6 weeks): I know many of you have been waiting for advanced branching and we're almost there! This is a very complex enhancement that we have our very best engineers hard at work on... just a few more weeks! 
  • Piping - completion date approximately 8 weeks: this will follow hard upon the completion of the advanced branching feature... and as you may have guessed, it is somewhat related! 
  • Ability to filter responses within reports by device as well as by location - (completion date approximately 8 weeks): We're quite excited about this... you may have noticed we have already added this capability when exporting raw data and we plan to add this device level view to reports as well as schedulers. 
  • Mobile-web Surveys with HTML5: Opinionmeter's mobile-web and online surveys will will soon receive an HTML5 facelift! For a sneak preview, check out this mobile-web survey - Note: this is currently optimized for the iPad or Chrome browser on a PC.
  • Scheduling automatic delivery of Raw Data and Push Notifications - many of you have requested the ability to schedule raw data exports and to schedule push notifications. We now working on this expect to deliver this within the next few weeks.  

Reminder: Keep your Apps updated!

iPad Survey App
Check for Updates - Be sure to periodically do a 'Check for Update' on your Windows, Android and iOS App devices to ensure you have the latest application updates.  


We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on these latest enhancements along with any ideas you may have for future enhancements. Opinionmeter is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for capturing real-time customer feedback, whenever and wherever the customer experience occurs!


Morgan Strickland, CEO
Opinionmeter International

phone: 888-OPMETER


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