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April, 2012 Newsletter

Opinionmeter Newsletter
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April, 2012

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We're excited to announce the release of our TouchPoint business app for Android. Now the TouchPoint app is available for Apple (iOS) devices as well as Android phones and tablets. Below you'll find additional details covering many of the new features and enhanced functionality for both survey apps and the web-based SurveyManager.


To download a 30-day free trial of our latest Survey App, click on one of the two App Store icons below:  

 App Store      

Be sure to check out the 'Available Downloads' section in the left side-bar. Just click on whichever item you'd like to download. 

SurveyManager Updates

Recent SurveyManager enhancements include the following:  (Click here to view a complete list).
  • API for real-time data exchangeextract survey data in real-time from your SurveyManager account into your own web-based databases for additional analysis and reporting, using Opinionmeter's new API. Whether it's an iPad Survey, Survey Kiosk, Online Survey or Paper, all survey data within your account can be extracted on-demand in real-time or on a scheduled basis.
  • White-label the SurveyManager - We've recently introduced the option of white-labeling the SurveyManager. This powerful branding feature allows you to replace the Opinionmeter logo and color scheme with your own corporate ID to extend your branding awareness to the web-based SurveyManager.
  • Editing Survey Responses within the SurveyManager - Within the Respondent Level report you now have the ability to review and edit survey results on the fly without having to first export the raw data and re-import after cleaning.
  • QR Code generator for accessing Online SurveysOnline surveys now can be deployed and scanned as a QR code! The QR code can be printed on any print media you wish and when scanned by a mobile device's camera, the online survey (or mobile web survey) will launch! No more typing in url's in mobile browsers!!

Mobile Survey App enhancements (Apple & Android)

TouchPoint-Business App enhancements include the following: (Click here to view a complete list of feature enhancements)
  • New Mobile Survey app for Android tablets and phones - Building upon the success of their iPad survey app released last year, Opinionmeter has extended its cross-platform mobile survey software to include Android mobile phones and tablets. In addition to using the TouchPoint™  survey app as a mobile survey system, you can also run the Android survey app in kiosk-mode for continuous in-store feedback. Click here to download the free app for a 30-day trial
  • White-label the TouchPoint Survey App - In addition to branding your survey with logo, fonts and colors, you now can also white-label the application itself. This is all managed through your SurveyManager account (devices > 3i Device Customization) where you can upload your logo and sync with your devices to replace the default Opinionmeter logo. The logo will be replaced in the login, About, Info and Home screens of the app.
  • Push Notifications - provide you with another way of distributing surveys to your mobile devices. You can send push notifications to any of the contacts within your Address book who have opted into receiving push notifications. When a recipient receives a push notification on their mobile device, they can choose to immediately download the survey being pushed without needing to go to the Admin > Connect to Server screen. Currently you can push on demand, however we are also working adding a scheduler to this feature as well so you can schedule when push notifications are sent.
  • Preview Mode now available on the device! - Although online previews provide an excellent virtual representation of how your survey will appear on the device, now you will also have the option of downloading a "test" survey to the actual device for final approval. When the survey is in 'Preview' mode, a watermark appears on the device and no data stored.
  • Scan QR codes with your mobile app -Using an mobile device's camera, you can now scan a barcode or QR code and capture the data within any open-ended question. This can save a great deal of time for certain applications - think of capturing contact details from exhibitor's badges at a trade show! This is now supported in our Apple (iOS) app and soon to be supported in our new Android app.
  • Managing Multiple Locations on the Device -Now you can download a list of locations to your mobile device and easily change locations on the fly without first needing to sync with the SurveyManager. This is especially helpful when you are running your mobile surveys offline and wish to change locations without access to the Internet.

Keep your Apps updated!

iPad Survey App
Check for Updates - Be sure to periodically do a 'Check for Update' on your Windows, Android and iOS App devices to ensure you have the latest application updates. The current Windows App release is 2.0.91 and the most recent iOS (Apple) release is 06.03.2012-B2B 


We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on these latest enhancements along with any ideas you may have for future enhancements. Opinionmeter is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for capturing real-time customer feedback, whenever and wherever the customer experience occurs!


Morgan Strickland, CEO
Opinionmeter International

phone: 888-OPMETER


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