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Kaiser Permanente
Health Care Success Story with Kaiser Permanente
Sector: Health Care

Overview: Kaiser Permanente is America’s leading integrated health care organization, with over 8.2 million voluntarily enrolled members as of December 2003. The Radiology Department was the first department at the Oakland Medical Center to use the Opinionmeter. Radiology uses the Opinionmeter to survey staff and members about satisfaction and customer service.

Problem: Using traditional mail-out survey, department managers have needed to wait up to 6 months before receiving patient feedback data. According to John Maio of the Radiology Department: “We get six-month-old data from member patient satisfaction surveys that are used across the region, which includes 8 million members, spread across many different facilities. Well, that’s pretty tough to work on because I don’t know what has happened since the time the survey was taken.”

Solution: By placing the Opinionmeter at the point-of-care, Kaiser managers now have immediate access to feedback from their patients about their just-completed visit. Managers can customize their survey questions, insuring relevant information and timely data. Additionally, the Opinionmeter is used as a tool to survey staff, insuring anonymity.

Simple to use device placed at the point-of-care obtaining customers opinions while it is still clear in their mind.Instant access to survey data relevant to the location where the Opinionmeter in positioned.Automated web-based reporting saves staff time.
Feedback: “When I saw the Opinionmeter demonstrated, it occurred to me that I could get rich data at the point of service, as opposed to data that is mailed out to people a long time after their interaction with hospital staff. The Opinionmeter is a positive tool to help reinforce positive behavior and motivate change… The Opinionmeter helps us set and achieve our customer service goals. With the Opinionmeter, I can get information and try to act on it immediately. I’m wild about it.”

John Maio,

Manager of Diagnostic Imaging

Kaiser Permanente

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