Zonnehuisgroup’s Patient Satisfaction Monitoring

Zonnehuisgroup North is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands specializing in the treatment and housing of the elderly with medical support needs.


Zonnehuisgroup North is using the CQ index; a national standard in the Netherlands used by all healthcare organizations for external accountability. Zonnehuisgroup North focuses on internal quality improvement and conducts personal feedback interviews with clients and their family members using mobile tablets running Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey app. Interviews are conducted by employees from the quality department, volunteers, caretakers, and managers.

It is precisely the type of personal contact resulting from the personal conversations that have made Zonnehuisgroup’s customer feedback measurement practices so successful. Many of the issues can be solved quickly and simply when you have access to real-time point-of-care feedback. Clients and their family members really appreciated the personal attention: “It’s a much better solution than these long and impersonal written surveys”


Zonnehuisgroup North is committed to ensuring their customers and family members are totally satisfied with their services. To achieve this goal, Zonnehuisgroup North has implemented the Opinionmeter survey system to continuously measure real-time customer satisfaction while comparing the outcomes with the core values of the company.

Key Measurement Goals:

  • Is the customer experiencing the care and service levels that represent Zonnehuisgroup North service goals?
  • Is it clear where and at what costs these services are being delivered and at the quality level the organization of Zonnehuisgroup North stands for?


  • Instant Insight into the customer’s experience as it relates to the vision, values and goals of the organization.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to rapid resolution of identified areas of improvement.
  • Heightened customer satisfaction due to the improved feedback methodology of personal interviewers with user-friendly touch screen survey tablets providing staff with real-time, point-of-care results.
  • With increased response rates and access toreal-time survey data, Zonnehuisgroup North now has the feedback tools necessary to be more accountable to its stakeholders.

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