Vaticinate’s Nationwide Audience Profiling Initiative

Vaticinate provides marketing services to small businesses and organizations, especially those in technology and the intersection of the arts and technology. Their services include marketing audits, primary and secondary market research, marketing strategy and plan development.


Vaticinate was charged by its client, Drum Corps International to provide a Survey Solution to be utilized in a 60 day, cross country audience profiling project that collected data in nearly 115 events. The solution needed to be lightweight, easy-to-use, and allow collection of location data to track each event regardless of network availability.

The business problem that Drum Corps International faced was providing value to their corporate and marketing partners. Before this project, DCI had poor audience profile information. There were estimates and guesses as to the age of the audience at different events, how far patrons traveled to attend an event, the racial/ethnic composition of the audience, and the motivation of attending an event, etc.



Since we wanted to limit the survey sample to those who were actually at the event, we eschewed on-line surveys and any survey technique that could result in invitations or links to the survey from being shared or used by patrons who did not actually attend the event. The Opinionmeter survey software allowed us to track GPS coordinates of survey respondents and we knew without question from what specific event the surveys came. This was essential to making the project a success – knowing that the respondent was actually at a specific event when the survey was completed.

With Opinionmeter, we were able to collect surveys on low cost Android tablets without regard to network availability. We then uploaded them to the survey servers at our convenience after the event or the next day. We conducted polling at 110 different drum and bugle contests from coast to coast – sometimes 3-4 events per day. Each night, tablets would be charged and the following day they would be used off-line, to collect data.

The Opinionmeter software worked as we expected. When surveys were uploaded, we used the Opinionmeter reporting tools to validate the data and gain a quick understanding of the audience that attended the event.



  • The benefits of using Opinionmeter’s survey software versus a serialized postcard solution included saving printing, shipping, return mail and data entry costs that we would have incurred. We estimate the savings to be in excess of $30,000. We collected over over 15,500 surveys – if patrons had completed 15,500 postcards and returned them to us, we would have incurred a postage expense of nearly $12,000.
  • We did evaluate other software solutions which we located by researching options on-line. After testing four of them in April, we decided on Opinionmeter because of the GPS options, platform support and ease of uploading and pulling reports.
  • Because DCI now has a fairly complete, event-by-event audience study, they can make better decisions as to where events should be located so they draw the young audience DCI is seeking. They can also make better marketing decisions with respect to how certain events should be promoted and audience demographics. They can now start to focus on event marketing rather than generic marketing. And they can now answer with assurance partner and sponsors questions about what the DCI audience looks like at any specific event regardless of where it is in the country.

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