Serco Leisure

International Success Story with Serco Leisure

Based in the U.K., Serco is one of the world’s leading service and outsourcing companies. By successfully managing organizational design and change, they help national and local governments around the world to improve services across all aspects of their activities. Where appropriate they apply this capability to help commercial clients to achieve their strategic goals.


Serco Leisure had no coordinated way of gathering sufficient customer survey data. It was the responsibility of each individual site to gather and produce customer satisfaction survey feedback. Some sites tried comment cards, but without success, as the poor response levels had to be supplemented by paid interviewers to obtain a satisfactory number of responses.


Opinionmeter is now generating on average 300 responses a fortnight.

Because of its child safety nature, the Opinionmeter mobile survey devices could be left unattended around children with no safety fears or risk of data being corrupted.


  • Data feedback relating to specific potential problems, e.g. cleanliness.

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