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Improves Customer Survey Feedback with Multi Tech Systems.

The key to capturing the best understanding of a consumer’s thinking and satisfaction regarding a product or business is to ask them at their point-of-experience – the place of their purchase decision or their experience with the business. Opinionmeter uses web-enabled customer feedback survey technology to capture customer survey insights at their point-of-experience and transforms that data into actionable information. Whether the service or experience is at a physical location or across the Internet. Anywhere. Any time.

Opinionmeter has developed a battery-powered, portable mini-kiosk that can be placed wherever the customer’s point-of-experience happens to be. To assure maximum flexibility for connecting to the Internet, Opinionmeter has selected the Multi-Tech Socket-Modem’s Universal Socket Architecture to design into their mini-kiosk product.



In healthcare organizations, patient satisfaction is measured to continually monitor patients’ perceptions about the care they receive at health centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics. In past years, patients visiting each location were asked to complete a survey of 37 questions rating their satisfaction with access to providers, nurses and appointments, telephone and registration hold times, cleanliness of sites, courtesy of staff and many other satisfaction measures.


This past year, a new patient satisfaction survey feedback system, the Opinionmeter, was introduced that acts as an electronic point-of-service patient satisfaction survey tool. The mobile survey mini-kiosk simplifies data collection, streamlines the reporting process and responds to patient complaints that the 37-question manual questionnaires were too long and tedious to fill out. This new system, presented in English and Spanish, is very easy to use and receives very positive feedback.

The Opinionmeter kiosk gathers large amounts of primary response data from wherever the consumer experience occurs, analyzes it, and transforms that data into actionable information it delivers to any authorized person anywhere in the world for meaningful actions. The system is quickly implemented, easy, convenient, and economical to use. The result is immediate, spontaneous data that is not aged or dated – it is ripe for meaningful business action, or for timely response to a just occurring negative action, such as bad service.

Since it is a web-enabled device, the Opinionmeter mobile survey kiosk requires Internet connectivity regardless of the client environment. Whether it is the U.S. military , which prefers dial-up connectivity to avoid touching their network, or international clients that require wireless GSM connectivity, Opinionmeter has a solution to meet any connectivity requirement. “With the Multi-Tech Universal Socket Architecture, we are able to interchange dial-up, Bluetooth® wireless, or GSM/GPRS SocketModem modules within one product design,” explains Morgan Strickland, President of Opinionmeter. “That coupled with the fact that we needed a low-power modem for our battery powered Opinionmeter, made the SocketModem module the ideal plug-and-play platform that was best suited for our requirements,” said Strickland.

The Opinionmeter mobile survey mini-kiosk is remotely managed through the web-based SurveyManager application. This is a hosted application, providing everything you need to manage your onsite and online customer feedback programs. From survey design to interactive web reporting, all management tasks are accomplished through the SurveyManager’s intuitive interface. The Opinionmeter customer survey feedback device fits anywhere there is a need for opinion polling, market research and onsite customer satisfaction feedback. In addition to capturing point-of-experience customer feedback, the mobile survey mini-kiosk can be used for employee polling and training quizzes.

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