West Lothian Healthcare

Opinionmeter International Success Story with WEST LOTHIAN HEALTHCARE

West Lothian Healthcare NHS Trust is an integrated Trust providing primary (GP and Community) and secondary (hospital) care for the population of West Lothian and part of West Edinburgh. It also provides specialist services for the Southeastern area of Scotland.


West Lothian was using hard copy questionnaires to capture patient satisfaction survey feedback within the clinic settings or by mail to in-patients following their discharge from hospital.


One Doctor was not convinced that patients would complete Opinionmeter’s interactive electronic healthcare satisfaction survey. He insisted that hard copies of the questionnaire also be available, as he did not believe Opinionmeter would be widely used. During the survey period, only one hard copy of the questionnaire was completed and returned while the Opinionmeter healthcare satisfaction survey was well utilized and provided comprehensive reports.


  • No long-winded data entry of paper survey forms
  • Fast, effective & automatic survey reporting
  • Quicker results analysis
  • Accurate statistical facts

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