NNB International Bank Plc

Opinionmeter International Success Story with NNB International Bank Plc

NNB International Bank Plc (NNB) is a premiere financial services operator in Nigeria with branches nationwide.The bank is strategically focusing on the introduction of new customer care (CRM) strategies that will enhance customer adoption of the new service delivery channels, enhance customer usage frequency of the channels, reduce customer attrition and enhance customer lifetime value (LTV).


To establish NNB’s ‘performance rating’ amongst its international and external customers in order to gain a better understanding of its ‘service gaps’ and therefore help focus its CRM strategy. The External Customer Satisfaction Survey (ECSS) covered the following areas:

  • NNB Market Branding and Market Positioning
  • NNB Back Office Survey Delivery
  • NNB Customer Service Delivery
  • NNB Banking Products
  • NNB Banking Hall Operations
  • NNB Customer Interaction Channels

The International Customer Satisfaction Survey (ICSS) covered the following areas:

  • Employee Morale and Satisfaction
  • Internal Processes and Assessments


Opinionmeter Kiosk Devices were deployed in 24 NNB branches across Nigeria to capture and analyze ‘voice of customer’ feedback, whilst Opinionmeter Handheld devices were utilized to capture employee feedback for the internal survey. Results were analyzed and a ‘branch comparison’ analysis was carried out to drill-down into the specific performance gap issues per branch. This enabled NNB to focus on specific branch training or business process requirements for its CRM program.


  • Enables ability to focus on specific branch training

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