Multinational Oil & Gas Company – Field Data Capture

The Problem – A major US Energy Company realized they needed to transition away from Paper Checklists as the critical information was extremely difficult to retrieve and thousands of man hours lost in tracking it down, causing issues with regulators and internal resources.  The time and resources consumed by producing, managing, and storing the checklists was a burden creating inefficiencies in their Operations as well as compliance issues

The Solution – After considering numerous options, the company chose the Opinionmeter Electronic Data Capture platform.   The reasons for choosing Opinionmeter were numerous, but key among them were the ability for roll-up/drill-down reporting, offline data capture via the mobile app, individual business unit management of checklists while still allowing for corporate-wide checklists to be mandated, our built-in reporting engine, ability to assist with Predictive Analytics and our enterprise class platform.   In addition, the flexibility of Opinionmeter to make modifications to the platform to meet the specific needs of the company was a major benefit.

The Results – Within the first several months of use, over 500 field technicians had downloaded the mobile app and begun completing several company-wide checklists, including safety, air quality, water discharge, and pipeline maintenance audits.  The ability for individual field offices to manage checklists specific to their region, while still running company-mandated checklists was invaluable, was the ability for instantaneous filing and reporting, easy storage of completed checklists, as well as instant generation of alerts in the event of an issue being identified.

Using Opinionmeter’s ability to generate a Work Order when a technician identified a potential issue means that repairs that had previously taken several days to organize could now be completed in a matter of hours.  Additionally, the ability for Opinionmeter users to attach media to their submitted checklists means that there is much less guesswork involved in identifying and correcting faulty equipment or other facilities issues.

Where previously an individual would have to scan completed checklists for digital storage, they can now be set up to be delivered immediately in a format tailored to Chesapeake’s needs or at scheduled intervals, via email to the appropriate parties for each checklist, region, or even wellsite.

Although thousands of man hours have been saved simply by capturing this information digitally and triggering Work Orders in real time, translating into 7 figure cost savings, it really is all about the Data!  We are now empowering them to mine data corporate wide and applying Predictive Analytics are seeing Insights into their Operations that were beyond their prevue previously.  This is empowering an educated Work Force that is agile and responsive to a myriad of issues identified out in the Field.

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