MetLife’s Satisfaction Survey Initiative in Mexico.

Metlife is the largest insurance company in Mexico. MetLife serves both private and public sectors, with their primary product focus on health insurance, life insurance and retirement services.


Recently MetLife Mexico launched a satisfaction survey initiative. Beginning in early 2012, MetLife started using paper surveys to collect surveys within different contact channels such as call centers, mini-sites, service centers, and fairs. Quickly they realized the need to collect this valuable information in a much more rapid and efficient method, so they started looking for a solution to automate the data collection.

GMS, Opinionmeter’s partner in Mexico, proposed a turnkey solution to satisfy this need. In December 2012 MetLife began implementing Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint Mobile survey app running on iPad tablets (within secure enclosures) at MetLife’s largest service centers in Mexico City. Starting in January 2013, MetLife expanded the deployment to also cover service centers and mini-sites nationwide. Within the first 5 months of the program, MetLife had collected thousands of customer surveys using the TouchPoint Mobile survey app.




Within the next few months they plan to expand the program to also include sales representatives. This phase will add an additional 180 survey tablets to bring the total deployment to 380 survey devices running the TouchPoint Mobile survey app. The solution includes the delivery of automated reports on a daily and weekly basis. Some questions are centralized, but MetLife’s salesforce will also have the ability to include their own unique questions within the survey instrument. Custom survey analysis is provided for the centralized core-questions, but the salesforce will also have access to analysis of their unique questions through the automated reports.

The following are a few of the key success factors that have resulted in a very successful program:

  • Real-time continuous Feedback and Instant Satisfaction Alerts: Utilizing real-time satisfaction alert triggers, service center managers are notified immediately when a customer requires attention. Now service center managers can intervene and resolve a customer issue when necessary before the customer can leave the center.
  • High Quantitative and Qualitative Response Rates: 40% of the clients leave open ended comments, the majority of them are positive about their interaction. Each day, comments are categorized as positive, negative, or as suggestions. When necessary, comments are flagged with “Immediate attention”. Negative comments are turned over to a customer retention team.
  • Actionable Metrics: all metrics are being measured by person, product, and location.
  • Promotion: The Opinionmeter TouchPoint survey app also supports Digital Signage (during idle time before and after the survey has been conducted), which is being used to promote products and the new advertising campaign.




  • Device management (configuration, installation, and onsite service support if required)
  • Dashboard development
  • Daily analysis of open-ended comments
  • Configuration of automated reports delivered by email

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