Charlotte Radiology

Improves Customer Survey Feedback with Charlotte Radiology

To evaluate, monitor and improve customer satisfaction, communication and delivery of services.


Kiosk design: Required security, portability and height adjustment all in one.

Staff Engagement: The survey had to be presented to the patient by staff. This was disruptive to their busy routine.

Hospital Leadership Engagement:

  • Hospital leadership believed their global outpatient survey was already adequately surveying their patients.
  • Hospital leadership were concerned about survey saturation since they had a survey system in place.
  • Hospital leadership was also concerned about every office or physician group wanting to develop their own survey(s) resulting in feedback management issues.

Communication of Results: Lessons learned

  • The people affected by the survey results should be part of the survey design.
  • Results should be explained and shared in a constructive manner which benefits those impacted by the survey results.
  • Action and positive change have to occur for continued buy in on survey use.

This process has taken about two years to put in place, including a few trial survey deployments. The process is continually being refined.


Charlotte Radiology researched several customer satisfaction vendors. Opinionmeter was chosen due to end user customization and cost.

Prior to vendor, survey and process selection Charlotte Radiology approached their affiliate hospital system to inquire about the survey use within the hospital setting. To supplement buy-in for hospital staff to administer the survey we offered to capture data specific to the hospital’s needs as well. A core group of physicians, DBAs, administrative staff and end users developed the survey. Half the survey is devoted to nursing care (hospital staff) and the rest is devoted to physician and mid-level provider care.



  • Increased physician, nursing and ancillary staff awareness of customer perception
  • Process changes which increased collaboration between the stations of the patient care path.
  • The most difficult to quantify benefit is the increased focus on ensuring care is delivered in a manner which will result in a positive response by the patient/customer when the survey is completed. Thus driving the patient experience goals

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