International Success Story with Avenance

Avenance is an on-site catering company that provides a range of refreshment solutions to over 600 locations across the UK. The company works hard at delivering qualitative and commercial value for clients as well as creating a pleasurable dining experience for customers.


Avenance were using comment cards to generate feedback from restaurant customers and report satisfaction levels to their clients. There was not an adequate volume of feedback to provide meaningful data, despite restaurant staff working hard to encourage responses.


Opinionmeter’s customer satisfaction surveys for the hospitality industry provide fast and effective benchmarking. Our customer satisfaction surveys, specially designed for the hospitality industry, also provide an overview of the operation and the popularity of specific offerings with statistical backups at a level of detail not previously available.


  • Hassle free – meaning simplicity and ease of use.
  • Automatically generates 15-30% responses on site.
  • Enables quick and effective reporting to their clients.

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