New Tutorial Vidoes now available for Opinionmeter’s DIY Research Platform

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy recording additional video tutorials covering recent enhancements to Opinionmeter’s DIY Research Platform. We’ve received great feedback on the effectiveness of the training videos so we are committed to expanding the tutorial library. The ideal would be to have a video for every major feature in the customer feedback platform. That’s ambitious given how feature-rich the SurveyManager is, but it’s a worthy goal! Be sure to let us know if you have any particular subject or feature you’d like to see added to the library and we’ll get on it! We’ll also be updating some of the older tutorials, given some are a bit out of date. With Opinionmeter’s agile development process – we’re constantly enhancing the system based on customer feedback, so it’s challenging keeping the videos up to date with the latest survey functionality.  So far, all the videos cover the web-based SurveyManager application only and not the survey apps. We’re looking for a good iPad screencast application so we can begin including videos of the mobile survey apps as well as the SurveyManager. If anyone knows of a good iPad screen-casting app, let us know! Having said that, it’s important to note that all features within the SurveyManager are supported in our offline survey apps (including iPad survey app and Android survey app) as well as our online survey products (web surveys, email surveys, mobile web surveys, QR code surveys, etc.)

  • Anchoring survey responses: This feature is used when randomizing your survey responses. Let’s say you wish to include “none of the above”, “other” or does not apply” responses, but you want these to remain at the bottom of your response list and not be randomized with the other responses. This feature allows you to “anchor” any responses and when doing so, they are left out of the randomization process. Check out the tutorial:
  • Exclusive response options: The Exclusive feature is only used with Choose al that apply question types. Again, using the example of “None of the above” option, if a respondent selects this response option, you would want the system to deselect any of the other response options that may have already been selected.
  • Advanced Branching, Part I: This tutorial is an introduction to multi-conditional branching. This is a major new feature which works with our offline survey apps as well as our online surveys and mobile-web survey solutions. In this first video, we cover how to setup multiple rules and conditions with closed–ended questions.
  • Advanced Branching, Part II: This tutorial continues to dig deeper in to the advanced branching logic and covers how to use multi-conditional branching with Choose all that apply question types as well as covering the and/or logic when adding rules.
  • Piping: Piping is when you wish to “pipe” or insert text from previous questions into subsequent questions. Let’s say you want to dig deeper and ask category specific questions after qualifying the respondent in previous questions. Using piping allows you to do this very efficiently and avoid having to repeat or reiterate survey question text or survey response text:
  • Importing & Exporting Raw Data (also using the new Question Mapping feature): We’ve recently added many new features to the Raw Data module in the SurveyManager. This video covers many of these new features including: Question Mapping which allows you to import survey data from systems outside of the SurveyManager. The system also now supports scheduling the delivery of your raw data files in any format to whomever you wish whenever you wish. We now support many data formats including SPSS, Excel, CSV, TXT, XML:
  • Assigning Multiple Surveys to device (also assigning multiple locations to surveys): Assigning multiple surveys to devices can be tricky – this video takes you through the process step by step. The tutorial also covers how to assign multiple locations to a survey device:
  • Using Media within your surveys: The SurveyManager and our mobile survey apps all support multimedia content with the survey instrument. This video shows you how to include media (including video, images and sound files) within your survey design. It also covers how to use images as buttons, which is a new feature recently added to the system:

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