And now, a message from our Captain… It’s all about Customer Feedback!

Every so often I feel it’s important for our customers, partners and vendors to hear directly from me, the CEO of Opinionmeter. Instead of blogging my comments in written form, this time I wanted to also share my thoughts via video.

The link below points to a brief video in which I discuss the main focus of what we do at Opinionmeter – namely, finding unique ways of capturing real-time customer feedback at the point-of-experience. We use this moniker “point of experience” because it’s an umbrella term that covers many of the industries in which we work: healthcare (point-of-care), financial services (point-of-service), retail (point-of-sale), etc., you get the idea. We’re laser focused on trying to get as close to the customer experience as possible and capture the consumer’s spontaneous feedback. At Opinionmeter, we feel there’s important value to gathering fresh data that is captured as close as possible to when the consumer has experienced the product or service, not days or weeks later. Everything we do at Opinionmeter in the way of product development and innovation is focused on how to get at that sweat-spot – the cross-section of consumer experience and product or service delivery.

Ok, that explains what we mean by the “point-of-experience” part of our mission statement, but what about the “capturing real-time customer feedback” part? How do we do that? Our goal is to be wherever the consumer experience is taking place. This requires flexibility and device independence. In market research parlance we refer to this as mixed-modes or using multiple modalities. A modality is the method in which the customer survey is distributed or administered. Our customer feedback platform (the SurveyManager) supports multiple methods of distributing surveys and capturing real-time feedback. We can deploy customer surveys onto a wide range of devices (including devices running Android, Apple iOS and Windows operating systems). In addition to providing mobile survey apps, we also support mobile-web, online, email, kiosk and even paper survey distribution modalities. Our TouchPoint MobileTM survey app has quickly become our most popular product.

And now a message from our Captain:

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