Creative Ways Stores Are Using Mobile Surveys for Retail Marketing Research

Retail Marketing Research

The margin for error is slim. The tough business climate has forced organizations to do business smarter. Companies are scrutinizing product mix, supply chain management and more effective marketing research like never before. Smart retailers are seeking customer opinions to provide the shopping experience and products that are in demand. In today’s connected world, your customers expect to be a part of the process. They want to let you know about their shopping experience, preferences and the brands you carry. In-store customer surveys have become the tool of choice to secure this valuable market research.
Retail Marketing Research 
New generation surveys rendered on smartphones or strategically placed survey kiosks provide organizations with accurate real-time market research gathered at the point of experience. While customer’s likes and dislikes change quickly, in-store surveys provide new tools to secure trends and measure opinions quicker and more accurately.
Here are a few innovative ways retailers are using surveys to measure and engage their customers while they are in the store.

  • Customers are encouraged by the store to submit feedback about product mix or brands using their smartphones via QR-codes to launch surveys while at the point-of-purchase. Customers feel they are a part of the process and therefore have increased store loyalty.

  • Customers browsing the aisles see a marketing piece with a QR-code that tells them they will get a reward coupon for submitting their opinion. Snapping the QR-code with their smartphone launches a brief one or two question survey and thanks them by providing a digital coupon.

  • Stores are setting up wall or stand-mounted tablet survey kiosks programmed with specific survey questions. These kiosks allow management to hear the voice of the customer at the point of experience in real-time. A simple open ended question like asking how was your shopping experience today can provide invaluable feedback.

  • Surveys are programmed with satisfaction alerts that trigger real-time emails or text messages to onsite management. This enables management to intervene and discuss a customer’s shopping experience even before they have chance to leave the store!

When considering survey platforms, it is important to find a solution that supports “Multi-Modality” so that a survey will render correctly on multiple device types with all responses processing to one database. Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey system processes responses on smartphones and tablets using native apps and mobile-web and also standalone kiosks and offline paper surveys. All responses are deposited into our award winning SurveyManager for store management to analyze trends and patterns.
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Touchpoint for Retail

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