Retailers Use In-Store Mobile Surveys to Engage & Reward Customers!

Mobile technology has forever changed retail marketing. By 2015, 4.5 billion consumers will be carrying smartphones ready to engage and willing to complete in-store mobile-surveys.


In-Store Mobile Surveys

A “connected” consumer has access to powerful tools, making them smarter buyers. “Hijacked retail” and “show rooming” are a new phenomenon among consumer behavior. Consumers are now empowered by their mobile technology to use retail outlets as showrooms only to purchase online. Those businesses with a brick and mortar presence must find new ways to engage and delight customers who have less expensive online alternatives. Retailers are faced with the choice to either view technology as a threat, or utilize it as a strategic advantage to provide a better shopping experience and welcome the increased revenue that will surely follow.

Mobile technology has empowered retailers and customers alike with the tools to develop a deeper relationship and richer shopping experience. Now consumers can interact with their favorite retailers via social media and retailers can now gather primary research while the customer is inside their stores experiencing their products and services – all in real-time. The Internet and mobile technology has taken in-store customer engagement and in-store surveying to a whole new level.

These new modes of customer feedback allow retailers to make the shopping experience more appealing. In today’s world, customers expect to have a venue to provide feedback about products and also receive some sort of benefit or discount for doing so. In-store surveys are becoming the venue and real-time data collection method of choice for customers and retailers alike.

TouchPoint for Retailers from Opinionmeter provides customer engaging technology that is practical, cost effective and revenue enhancing. Consider the potential as a customer walks down an aisle in a retail store and notices a placard exclaimingGet Your Coupon Now! The placard also tells them to scan a QR-code with their smartphone. This launches a short survey with one or two questions created by the retailer which upon completion delivers a discount coupon the customer can use at check-out. This provides immediate gratification for completing an in-store survey which also affords the retailer with value market research.

Opinionmeter’s easy to use SurveyManager system allows retailers the ability to create short surveys pertaining to a product category. The retailer simply associates the survey with a specific product or category and chooses a discount coupon from a library of choices. In return, the retailer receives valuable market research from customers. This is information the retailer can use to make better merchandising choices which generally enhances profits.
This win-win situation is one way retailers can use technology like Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint for Retailers to grow their business.

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