Mobile Survey Apps in Four Weeks or Less!

Opinionmeter’s unique expertise is rooted in developing mobile survey apps that are cross-platform compatible. Our TouchPoint survey software currently supports all popular mobile devices including Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android and Windows platforms all from a single code base.

Technology changes quickly with new devices and platforms arriving on the scene constantly. Our single code base approach allows Opinionmeter to adapt to technology advances quickly. When we want to add another platform, we simply recompile the same code base and account for some variations across platforms. This streamlined process now takes less than 4 weeks of development instead of 40 as in the past when we had to rewrite the entire code to run on a new platform! This approach allows Opinionmeter to be very responsive to customer requests and market demands.

We are also excited about independent app developers using our TouchPoint survey platform to create and embed mobile survey apps within their own apps. The TouchPoint SDK (Software Development Kit) provides a set of development tools that enable mobile app creators to embed our mobile survey app within their own apps.

Many organizations have IT departments that create their own mobile apps. TouchPoint SDK allows IT staff the ability to use Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint mobile survey software within their own apps as an added feature for market research and measuring customer satisfaction. Embedding the TouchPoint mobile app provides companies the ability to survey customers on their smart phones and tablets while they are experiencing the organization’s products or services. Sorting, counting, measurement and analysis of the customer survey responses is done within our secure and easy to use SurveyManager.

We have put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into creating a platform that is adaptable, nimble and meets the needs of organizations looking for efficient ways to conduct market research.

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