Meeting and Event Planners using Opinionmeter Surveys to Engage Audiences and Capture Real-Time Attendee Feedback

The “WOW” factor is an elusive commodity that event planners try to capture. A new tool has evolved to help meeting and event planners survey attendees to find what experiences resonated and why.


Intercept surveys have always had a place in market research. However, Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint Mobile Survey Software used for launching custom surveys on smart phones and tablets has created new opportunities for capturing attendee feedback at the point of experience.

Event Planners Surveys

Event specific surveys are launched via QR-Codes strategically placed in printed collateral including programs and fold-ups at dining tables and other gathering places. Audience attendees simply scan the QR-code with their smart phone to easily launch a custom survey.


“Providing attendees the ability to conveniently launch custom surveys on their smart phone greatly increases the emotional accuracy of their answers. People have a very personal relationship with their smart phones and are more likely to be honest and forthcoming.” said Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter.


While smart phone surveys are popular, event planners also use Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey software on iPad kiosks to secure attendee input. Apple iPad kiosks pre-loaded with an event specific survey and are strategically placed so attendees can conveniently provide point-of-experience feedback. Event planners have told us they like how the iPad kiosks provide a high level of engagement and customer centric professionalism.


Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint is differentiated from the competition because it aggregates survey data from multiple sources such as survey kiosks, smart phones, tablets and offline paper surveys all into one database for reporting and data analysis.


Strickland further commented “Opinionmeter clients have found that being able to create of one survey and have it render on a variety of device types with all responses feeding into one database as extremely valuable.”


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