Electronic Fight Bag applications include Pilot Survey app

Recently we’ve been inundated with requests from the airline industry for a wide variety of mobile survey solutions. These mobile survey solutions include applications for pilots, passengers, and simulated training environments.  We never thought there would be so many unique survey applications within the airline industry! The advent of mobile tablet computing like the iPad has enabled the airline industry to digitize the voluminous amount of paper that typically accompanies a pilot. I’ve heard that the legacy paper-based flight bag weighed upwards of 90 pounds!

Here are a few of the unique use-cases Opinionmeter has recently been working on within the airline industry:

1)    Capturing real-time flight input from Pilots to ensure they are operating within Processes and Procedures.  For example, how long was their last leg, how many minutes/hours of rest did they get between legs and is this within Policy.

2)    Manufacturers providing simulated training environments for capturing feedback on all related Airline and Airport Operations.

3)    Capturing key data points from pilots to ensure procedures were followed, when specific “events” happen in flight; i.e. flying in low visibility, etc.

4)     In-Flight Passenger surveys through the seat-back touchscreen devices. In-flight survey responses trigger alerts for staff intervention and service recovery.


Although we’ve been surprised with the wide-variety of mobile survey solutions within the airline industry, we foresee additional use-cases as well For example, we see interesting check-in survey opportunities where customers can provide spontaneous feedback while waiting in line or at the gate waiting to board. Needless to say, there seems to be endless survey opportunities within the airline industry, before during and after the flight experieince


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