Airlines Using Surveys to Improve Operations and Passenger Experience

Opinionmeter International has announced a new airline industry application for its TouchPoint Survey Software. This new application has evolved due to airlines noticing that in-flight passenger surveys help them gain valuable “point of experience” market research data. Airlines are also using surveys to seek employee and pilot feedback to improve operational efficiency.


Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint mobile survey software allows airline management to easily set-up unique surveys with specific questions for different segments of their business. Passengers can access customer satisfaction surveys from their seatback touch-screens while flight crew and ground service personnel can provide input on mobile survey devices such as tablets or smart phones on workplace efficiency, training and safety.


“Airlines are becoming extremely focused upon understanding the passenger experience so they can improve customer service and seek feedback about additional services they can monetize” said Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter.


In-flight airline passenger feedback surveys accessed through a QR-code on smart phones, tablet or seat-back touch screen device can provide valuable customer satisfaction feedback. Survey questions can seek passenger feedback about check-in procedures, in-flight service or desired optional services that may provide an additional revenue streams. Surveys can also be used for passengers to rate in-flight service with response based trigger alerts for customer service staff to make contact if needed.


The airline industry is brutally competitive which means operations must be efficient. Opinionmeter TouchPoint mobile surveys allow flight crew and ground service personnel to provide information, feedback and suggestions at the point of experience which provide the information needed to streamline operations.


Strickland added “mobile survey software can help airlines secure information and feedback from operations that are spread-out over wide geographic areas. The information secured can help balance the desire to provide a great passenger experience with the need to streamline operations in such a competitive environment.”

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