In-Flight Surveys – Passenger feedback at the “moment-of-truth”!

When it comes to gathering spontaneous customer feedback, one of the rules of thumb is to capture it as close to the service experience as possible. Another rule is to find environments where the survey process can take advantage of the customers waiting time to capture their attention to solicit customer feedback. I find few environments better suited to spontaneous, real-time feedback than in-flight surveys! Not only do you have a captive audience (taking advantage of the customers waiting time), but modern airlines now have customer-facing data collection devices (touchscreen computers) located on the back of each seat. These ingredients lend themselves perfectly to self-service customer feedback at the point-of-service: in-flight passenger feedback!
Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey app could be loaded onto these touchscreen devices and made available to the passenger either through the onscreen menu or the app could be scheduled to launch at certain intervals during the flight – perhaps after meals have been served or following entertainment or at the conclusion of the flight, etc. Additionally, Opinionmeter’s satisfaction alert feature could also be utilized to trigger real-time alerts to onboard staff if passengers responded to the survey in a particular way (low-score alerts for example). These alerts can be set at any response or sequence of responses within the survey.
Although in-flight Internet connectivity is on the horizon, I would recommend having the touchscreen devices communicate with an onboard server to facilitate the updating of surveys, recording of data and management of satisfaction alerts although one gateway. Also, the onboard server could communicate with onboard staff without requiring Internet connectivity. Otherwise, the onboard server would simply act as a gateway to the enterprise feedback platform while Internet connectivity is not available. Seems to be a great use of current technology to provide airlines intimate contact with their customers and gain “moment-of-truth” perceptions of their brand, service and product offerings!

In-Flight Touchscreen Passenger Surveys

In-Flight Touchscreen Passenger Surveys

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