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Opinionmeter has always been committed to building powerful and intuitive DIY Survey tools. Having been awarded the patent for the original Survey Kiosk back in the 1970’s, it’s been quite a ride witnessing the technological advances over the past four decades and applying them to our vision of capturing real-time customer feedback at the point-of-purchase.

There’s never been a more exciting time for automated survey technologies and feedback management platforms. The introduction of the World Wide Web, wireless connectivity and most recently a plethora of mobile devices, perfectly augment our vision and pursuit of spontaneous real-time customer feedback – wherever it occurs. As one example – now, survey kiosks can be remotely managed and provide instant feedback including alerting onsite staff when a customer requires attention – all in real-time. This feature functionality of course extends to the entire range of survey devices and survey solutions, from mobile survey apps, mobile-web even scanned paper surveys can now provide real-time data by connecting the scanner to our SurveyManager reporting engine via an Internet connection!

As exciting as data capture technology is – with its myriad of online and offline survey capture options and prevalence of smart devices – accessing survey results that are actionable is the goal of the entire process. Luckily, there are equally exciting technological advancements happening in data visualization and data discovery that extend the relevance and power of DIY Survey and DIY Reporting and Analysis. Using data discovery tools such as Opinionmeter’s executive dashboard can provide management a real-time overview of their entire organization’s feedback pulse, with the ability to drill-down from the enterprise to branch to staff member levels. Taking this yet again to another level is the ability to build into these systems the ability to provide recommendations based on the data captured. Here at Opinionmeter, we are investigating ways of providing meaningful recommendations for certain verticals using standardized questions. This is a very important additional step in the 360 degree feedback process – it’s one thing to have smart data capture tools, another to have excellent visualization and data discovery technology, but still management needs to interpret the survey reports and take meaningful action! This is usually (and for good reason) reserved to the realm of marketing and market research specialists that consult with organizations and interpret the research data and help with applying change implementations. Having said that, we at Opinionmeter feel there is significant opportunity to provide basic recommendations automatically within the survey reporting engine itself, providing management with real-time actionable insights with meaningful recommendations!

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