Using location triggers to deliver in-store mobile surveys

For decades Opinionmeter has been using research technologies to capture consumer insights at the point-of-purchase, using a variety of in-store technologies such as survey kiosks, mobile survey tablets, etc. However, recent advances in mobile research technologies have introduced additional opportunities for deeper and more intimate in-the-moment consumer shopping data using location services and short targeted surveys.

With GPS location services now available on smartphones and tablets, researchers can trigger and distribute relevant surveys to shoppers at the “moment-of-truth” – when the consumer is making their purchasing decisions – the “sweet-spot” or “holy-grail” of consumer research.

Merchant surveys can be tagged with GPS coordinates, then triggered and pushed to consumer devices when the consumer is detected to be at that particular location. Note: this requires the consumer’s device to have their location services enabled. There are of course, additional methods for pulling surveys from in-store locations (scanning a QR survey code, entering survey ID, etc.), however that topic I’ll hold for another discussion. One of the beauties of pushing mobile surveys is that the researcher is not dependent on the consumer to initiate the interaction. When pushing targeted on-site surveys via location services, the researcher is in control of the delivery mechanism and the consumer merely needs to accept or decline the invite. This too will greatly increase the survey response rate.

What excites us here at Opinionmeter is utilizing these new mobile technologies and location-based surveys to get at what all market researches and business owners are after – real-world consumer insights.

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