Integrating Mobile Surveys with Social Media

As we get closer to launching our B2C mobile survey app (Survey Café), we’ve been discussing including the ability for consumers to link the feedback they provide with their social network. The idea is that at the conclusion of a survey, the consumer would have the option of sharing their consumer experience (ratings, feedback, etc.) with their social network and friends (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). We’re excited by this idea because we believe it will provide additional relevance to the consumer when using the survey app.

In addition to the social media nexus, we also plan to provide the option of displaying survey results at the conclusion of the survey. This too would be an option, controlled through the client’s SurveyManager account. If they wish to provide this level of information to the consumer experience, then they could enable this option for that particular mobile survey. When enabled, the consumer would not only see how they themselves rated their experience, but how their results compare to all others who have also taken the same survey (total population of the sample).

As with any consumer survey app, their needs to be a compelling reason for the consumer to use the mobile survey app. In addition to a traditional rewards component, we hope these innovative features will further engage the consumer and add value to their experience when using the Opinionmeter’s survey solutions.

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