Distributing Customer Surveys using Push Notifications

Delivering mobile surveys via Push Notifications is an interesting alternative to pulling surveys from remotely managed survey devices. In fact, there are many ways to distribute surveys to remote devices through a web-based survey management portal (like Opinionmeter’s SurveyManager):

  • Pull from device on-demand – “Connect to Server” in our TouchPoint survey app.
  • Push from server – Queue up mobile surveys on the SurveyManager (server-side) for download during the next app sync (next time the device makes a call to the server – in our case, after each survey the device will check for a connection and if it finds it will sync with the server).
  • Schedule a Pull from device (batch uploads) – the device wakes up and calls home!
  • Push Notifications – Scheduled or on-demand

But let me return my focus to pushing surveys to devices using the Push Notification Alert feature. As we stated above, there are two ways to distribute pretty much any mobile research survey: you can either schedule it at a pre-determined time or trigger it on-demand (either from the server or device side, i.e. push or pull).

To further elaborate on the variety of ways to distribute mobile research surveys – we should dig into the various methods available for pulling surveys from the app. For example, the above bullet points refer to distribution methods available in our business (b2b) app. Our consumer app (b2c) has a few more pull options:

  1. “Find Surveys Around Me” (within selected radius of device’s location)
  2. Search for a Brand (within selected radius of device’s  location)
  3. Enter Survey Code – listed on onsite call to action signage
  4. Receive Push Notifications
  5. QR Code – scanning QR or barcodes to download surveys

Another consideration when delivering surveys via Push Notification is to include a password option. This would add an assurance that only the intended user had access to a particular or sensitive survey.

Mobile Research - Push Notifications

Sending Surveys by Push Notification


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