Displaying Survey Reports (Data Visualization) within Survey Apps – a complete mobile research solution

We’ve recently been investigating the options available for embedding real-time survey reports within our survey apps. We see this having value for our business and consumer apps. Consider you’re a clinic location using a mobile research device to conduct a patient satisfaction survey and want to quickly see how the survey data is shaping up. Using the same app, you’d be able to enter a password and from the Admin console, see the up to the moment summary statistics for your specific clinic location, and depending on privilege settings, how you compare to the aggregate of all other clinics running the same healthcare survey. Now consider you are a consumer, using our Survey Café app and have just completed a merchant or public opinion survey. At the conclusion of the survey, you’d have the option of seeing the survey results for the entire research study! This in itself could be an enticing incentive for consumer participation.

The benefits for consumers to access this data at the conclusion of the survey seem straightforward, however business users have a variety of needs and we therefore provide a variety of solutions for them!
1. Pull: On-demand Reports – Business clients have full access to the SurveyManager’s robust reporting too. They can login and pull any type of report they wish on-demand.

2. Push: Survey Reports by Email – our system has a report scheduler whereby users can schedule what reports are to be delivered, at what time, to whoever they wish, whenever they wish and in any format they wish (PPT, Excel, SPSS, PDF, Word, etc.)

3. Third party data visualization apps – There are also 3rd party data visualization apps available for data sources such as surveys. These work through simple API call to our DB and the data is presented within this secondary app residing on the device.

4. Embedded – displaying survey data within the app itself: Display survey data (for aggregate or specific locations) within the app itself. This would be a privilege that would be controlled from the SurveyManager administrator. This could be displayed on the device in a variety of ways:

  • After each survey – showing the respondent how their results compared to the rest of the population that have participated in the survey (either for that one location or all locations)
  • Admin console – if you don’t want to display this to the respondent but only to the device administrator, this feature could be nested in the Admin console in the app, requiring a password to access.
  • Push notification – reports could be delivered through Push Notification to the device on a scheduled basis using deep-links (explained in my previous email) and the reports would open in the local browser on the device.

Always, the most important question is to determine the preferred way to deliver location level survey reports for your clients. For example, would our mobile research clients prefer survey reports to reside within the same “TouchPoint” app or within a secondary app on the device, or simply deliver reports specifically to managers by email (re: through our scheduled report’s feature outlined in my previous email)? The good news is OMI is capable of providing all of these options.

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