White-labeling your Enterprise Feedback Management Platform

Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint Mobile survey application has always accommodated the ability of our customers to brand the look and feel of their survey instrument, including the option of customizing the logo, fonts, button and screen background colors, even the inclusion of a watermark. However, in an effort to enable our clients to further reinforce their brands we are now extending our system’s branding capabilities to include comprehensive white-labeling. This will include the ability to completely customize the Login, About Us and Home screen pages within the TouchPoint survey application as well as the web-based Survey Manager portal. This will provide a complete white-label solution for our enterprise customers.

The white-labeling process for the application will be managed through the client’s SurveyManager account. We are providing a branding module within the SurveyManager where clients can upload their own artwork to replace the default Opinionmeter logo that resides on the desktop of the mobile survey application. Additionally, from the same branding module, clients will be able to upload their own screen art to replace the default Login, About Us, Home Page screens that resides on the device. This way, clients can control their own branding from one central place which will automatically update all the devices being run from their SurveyManager account – automatically updating all existing devices in the field as well as any new devices added to the client’s SurveyManager account.

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