B2B vs. B2C Survey Apps

At Opinionmeter our focus has been exclusively on delivering Business to Business (B2B) survey apps for capturing real-time consumer insights at the point-of-experience. However, with the recent explosion of smart mobile devices among the general population, it only makes sense to extend our two decades of experience in building customer survey applications that benefit the consumer directly – Introducing the Business to Consumer (B2C) survey app!

At this writing we are finalizing a beta version of our first B2C survey app code named “TouchPoint Shopper”.  In addition to the feature-functionality of our B2B survey apps, the B2C app will have the ability to push and pull surveys in multiple ways.

Pulling Surveys: Unlike the B2B app that can only pull surveys that are assigned to it, the B2C app can pull surveys in the following three different ways:

  • “Find Surveys Around Me” – when a customer selects this button, they are asked for a distance radius (miles or kilometers) and the search results are displayed in Google Maps with waypoints indicating the Merchant name and location. When selecting the waypoint, the survey downloads automatically to the mobile device.
  • Search by Business Name – there is an input field where the customer can search by business name or survey code. When entering a business name, any businesses matching that name within the distance radius selected will appear as waypoints to be selected within Google maps.
  • Search by Survey Code – the use of the survey code is for signage at the point of sale, where a merchant can enter a five digit code which will download the survey to the customer’s mobile phone.

Note: all surveys can also be password protected. By default this option is turned off.

Pushing Surveys: In addition to pulling surveys, the B2C survey app can also receive pushed surveys – surveys the customer has subscribed to receive from selected merchants. These surveys arrive as push notifications to the mobile device – similar to a text message prompt. The consumer is in full control of this feature and if they have opted into receiving push notifications, they can always turn this feature off from the apps admin menu.

I hope this gives you a sense of the basic framework of how our B2C app will distribute surveys to mobile devices. We are also working on leveraging the camera to scan barcodes at the store shelf. The idea being that a consumer can scan a product’s barcode and in exchange for answering a few product-related questions, receive an electronic coupon that can be scanned at the cash register for real-time discounts.


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