Giving voice to the Consumer!

Throughout Opinionmeter’s long history, we have focused exclusively on building survey solutions that enable businesses to collect feedback from their customers. The survey apps that we have designed have been provided to businesses and market researches to capture consumer feedback in a variety of ways: in store kiosks, mobile intercept surveying, point-of-sale feedback, exit surveys, audience response, etc.

With the upcoming release of our newest app – “TouchPoint Feedback” – we will for the first time be making our survey technology available directly to the general public. This is a radical change for Opinionmeter – in fact it’s a 180 degree shift – providing the survey technology to the general public. Using “TouchPoint Feedback” consumers will be able to use their own smart phones or tablets to give real-time feedback to the local merchants and businesses they frequent.

We’re very excited about this new approach and have been building a number of powerful options into the survey software. For example, the survey app will provide both push and pull technologies. For those consumers who opt-into receiving survey invitations from merchants they frequent, those merchants can send push notifications to the consumers smart phones when a new survey is available to download. When it comes to pulling or downloading surveys to their devices, consumers will have the following three options:

1. “Enter a Survey Code” – by entering a survey code into the survey app, the merchant’s survey will automatically download to the device. Survey codes are usually found on “call to action” signage within a business or store.

2. “Enter a Business Name” – by entering a business name, consumers can search for a business within a certain distance radius to where they are currently located and download any available surveys.

3. “Find Surveys Around Me” – Consumers and easily find any participating merchant or store within a distance radius from where the consumer is at any given time.

When it comes to consumer research apps that are free to the consumer, motivation becomes a key point. For this reason, we are evaluating several options for incenting the consumer to actively give voice to their opinions and participate in helping their community of merchants provide better products and services.

This indeed is an exciting time for Opinionmeter and we’re looking forward to this next chapter in our ongoing development!

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