Finding the best Mobile Survey Software

So, you have been tasked to manage a customer satisfaction survey project.  In addition, your company’s executives learned from their professional networking that a handheld survey device – loaded with handheld survey softwareis likely to be the best way to conduct the survey.  Congratulations!  You’re in for an interesting and rewarding adventure.

But where do you begin, especially if you don’t know the first thing about customer satisfaction surveys?  First, we recommend that you take some time to understand the basics of customer satisfaction surveys, in general, and handheld survey tools in particular.  You will also want to familiarize yourself with mobile survey software– so that you ultimately select the best handheld survey options for your purposes.  Without a working knowledge of customer satisfaction surveys and the tools used for gathering the data, you may needlessly expend limited resources and not get the results you want.

Know what questions to ask

As you search for the best handheld survey device and handheld survey software, here is a checklist of preliminary questions and issues for which you’ll want answers:

  1. What are the objectives of your survey; what are you trying to find out?
  2. Who is your target audience for the survey?
  3. What is the best way to contact and interact with your target audience?
  4. What is the budget allocation for the survey?
  5. Do you have authority to contract with an expert in customer feedback projects?
  6. Is there a specific result or outcome expected from the survey?
  7. What is your time frame for gathering the data and producing reports?

In the handheld survey device category, PDAs and the iTouch, iPad offer a number of advantages including:

  • A touch screen so the device may be handed to patients, visitors or customers for their feedback entry
  • Cordless and battery powered so it’s easy to handle and runs reliably for hours
  • Generous storage – holds between 20,000 to 30,000 survey records
  • Uploading of survey data in real-time or on a scheduled batch basis
  • Easy loading and updating of handheld survey software updates
  • Multimedia, including  images, sound and videos may including in your survey questions and response scales to supplement and improve comprehension
  • Multi-lingual capable
  • Open-ended verbatim comments via voice recording or text input
  • One-time capture of feedback so there’s no data re-entry – saving time and improving accuracy
  • Skip patterns and branching logic

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